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    With a focus on the Chicago market, Retriever Merchant Solutions (RMS) is known for its industry-leading merchant bankcard and payment processing services. The firm combines a full array of top level equipment with customer support that extends to all aspects of the transaction process. Retriever Merchant Solutions customers represent a cross section of companies inhabiting the retail and wholesale markets, and also include businesses whose transactions are primarily or entirely online.

    The RMS team is led by Brian Kamstra, who has grown the independent sales office from a single-man operation in the late 1990s to one that meets the needs of 30,000 merchants and maintains a team of 75 office employees and 150 sales representatives.

    at the technological cusp, RMS embraces innovation in the retail payment sphere through technology that includes mobile point-of-sale devices and equipment that integrates seamlessly with devices to allow mobile wallet transactions. Another aspect of the firm’s value proposition is in enabling EMV security, which has played a significant role in preventing credit card fraud in recent years and is increasingly required by regulators.

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    Retriever Merchant Solutions works with clients in people-oriented industries like food, jewelry,...
    Retriever Merchant Solutions (RMS) has spent the past two decades building what is today one of...
    Retriever Merchant Solutions works with companies of all sizes to meet their payment-processing...
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