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Challenges People Face during Addiction Recovery

Retriever Merchant Solutions

Retriever Merchant Solutions works with companies of all sizes to meet their payment-processing needs and supplies cutting-edge technological solutions and training. Outside of its professional focus, Retriever Merchant Solutions is a supporter of Restoration Ministries, which features rehabilitation programming for individuals trying to overcome addiction.

The earliest stages of addiction recovery are marked by challenges. Embracing a life of sobriety requires tremendous discipline and changes to the way one goes about their everyday lives. When faced with all these obstacles, many people attempting to overcome an addiction end up relapsing. For those entering rehabilitation, it’s important to understand the hurdles involved.
Spending time with others who use drugs or alcohol is one of the biggest causes of relapse among those who are recovering from addiction. Just the familiar sound and smell of drugs or alcohol can provoke a relapse, making it important for people in recovery to avoid coming into contact with those triggers. As difficult as it may be, they should remove individuals who use drugs or alcohol around them from their lives and fill the void with new friends who will be more supportive of the journey to sobriety.
Boredom is another major roadblock that can derail addiction recovery. A person who struggles with addiction likely spends most, if not all, of their free time using alcohol or drugs. People trying to stay clean need to spend this time engaged in new hobbies or employment to ward off boredom and help mitigate the risk of relapse.

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